Does Crime Stoppers Work

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The answer is quite simply yes. Since Crime Stoppers began, thousands of tips have been received resulting in thousands of arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property. Tips have included information about murder, robbery, rape, assaults, drug and firearm offenses.

The success of a Crime Stoppers program cannot be purely judged on statistics, however, other benefits have come to notice:

  • A greater awareness in the community that there is a crime problem.
  • A willingness by the community to fight back against crime if it is given the opportunity and motivation.
  • Improved relationships between police, media, and the community.
Man In Handcuffs

Crime Stoppers is here to stay. It has been accepted by police as a valid and effective investigative tool. The public, through its overwhelming response, recognizes the value of fighting back against criminal activity in their neighbourhoods.

Statistics Since Inception

Our Local Statistics
Arrests Made 5,116
Cases Cleared 7,267
Rewards Paid $428,972
Property Recovered $13,096,180
Drugs Seized $74,378,991
Crime Stoppers Worldwide Statistics
Arrests Made 965,163
Cases Cleared 1,501,776
Rewards Paid $117,562,941
Property Recovered $2,122,776,681
Drugs Seized $8,976,384,548
Total $ Recovered $11,099,161,229